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For the next couple months we’re going to revisit Build 2017, each post focusing on different aspects and technologies presented. Not every session will be listed, just a select set, hopefully enough to wet your appetite. All the on-demand sessions can be found and the Channel 9 Build event site.

Here’s a select 33 of the 58’ish Azure related Build Sessions

Build Revisited Table Of Contents

Azure Cosmos DB: NoSQL capabilities everyone should know about

Microsoft Azure provides a fully managed NoSQL database service built for fast and predictable performance, high availability, elastic scaling, global distribution, and ease of development. As a schema-free NoSQL database, the service provides rich and familiar SQL query capabilities with consistent low latencies on JSON data – ensuring that 99% of your reads are served under 10 milliseconds and 99% of your writes are served under 15 milliseconds. …

Azure Cloud Shell

In this session we meet with Brendan Burns to discuss some of the latest Azure announcements

Azure IoT Edge

In this session we meet with Sam George to discuss some of the latest Azure announcements

Azure Resource Manager templates: Life after (first) deployment

This session explores new capabilities which simplify template authoring, best practices for template-driven upgrades, and integrated instrumentation with Azure Monitor. It covers sharing and monetizing templates with ARM Service Catalog and Managed Applications, and how to orchestrate bulk deployments with Azure Deployment Manager.

How to build globally-distributed, fast, billion-user applications with Azure Cosmos DB

Join this session to learn about the NEW Azure Cosmos DB, Microsoft’s globally distributed database service designed to enable you to build planet-scale applications. We will help you understand how to start leveraging Cosmos DB for your applications and discuss some of its differentiating features. We will talk about its multi-model (Key-Value, Document & Graph Database) capability and show you how easy it is to port over your existing code and data from popular open source NoSQL Databases. In this session…

NodeSource N|Solid runtime on Microsoft Azure

NodeSource N|Solid is a fully compatible Node.js runtime that has been enhanced to address the needs of the enterprise. It is created and maintained by NodeSource, the Node.js company. In partnership with Microsoft, NodeSource brought the power of N|Solid to the Azure Marketplace. N|Solid is also available to scale Node.js using Kubernetes in Azure Container Service. In this session, NodeSource talks about their journey and how Azure provides a great end-to-end cloud hosting solution for Node.js development.

Intelligent databases in action

In this session, see demos of our intelligent PaaS database capabilities, including: intelligent performance – recommendations and tuning; insight at scale; security intelligence – security recommendations and threat detection; learning based query processing with Adaptive QP; and graph data processing with SQL Graph.

Design Patterns for SaaS applications on Azure SQL Database

Experience the power of building multi-tenant SaaS applications on Azure SQL Database, Microsoft’s fully managed database as a service platform: Using a sample SaaS application, we walk through a series of SaaS-focused design and management patterns that have been distilled from work with a multitude of customers. Patterns spans from multi-tenant provisioning, schema management, performance monitoring and management to operational analytics. …

Tap into the YARN ecosystem using Azure HDInsight

The ecosystem of YARN applications has exploded with a diverse range of distributed big data tools and engines. The strength of this ecosystem is one of the primary drivers behind the health of Hadoop/YARN. HDInsight is a fully managed distribution of Apache Hadoop that features a number of YARN applications as first class workloads (Hive, HBase, Spark, Storm, Kafka and Interactive Hive), but many of the popular YARN applications are either difficult or impossible to install. …

Azure Commandline Interface: Power of automation scripts in a truly cross-platform way

Azure CLI 2.0 is Azure’s new idiomatic command line interface for managing Azure resources that integrates natively with Bash and POSIX tools. It is easy to install, use and learn. It can be used on macOS, Linux, and Windows. Come and learn how to use Azure CLI 2.0 in automation and interactive modes and discover the power of simple but powerful commands with smart defaults for most common operations. You will also learn useful productivity features like pipe-able outputs, use of JMESpath queries and options for multiple output formats etc.

Accelerate setting up your DevOps environment using Azure Marketplace

Lean how you can set up Chef, Jenkins, and other popular dev tools on Microsoft Azure using the Azure Marketplace. We also walk you through exciting new features such as Test Drive, an easy way to try out Marketplace products and introduce Quick Start templates as a way to stand up full dev stacks.   

A day in the life of an Azure serverless developer

Serverless is a great computing abstraction. When combined with great tools, developers can be more productive than ever. In this session, see the end-to-end experience of a developer a building serverless application on Microsoft Azure. Through the demos, learn how to build, deploy, manage, and monitor your applications. We focus on Azure Functions and Azure Logic Apps and show tools such as Application Insights, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, Visual Studio Team Services, and more.

How to run massively scaling mobile games on Microsoft Azure

Come hear how Next Games, the disruptive mobile gaming company who owns exclusive license for games related to the hit TV series "The Walking Dead," has built its infrastructure and a generative platform on Azure. You will learn how to run games (or any service) as a service, and hear about the experiences, mistakes and lessons learned along their journey.

Azure Service Fabric, microservices, containers, and the road ahead

Service Fabric is the Microsoft Azure microservices platform. This session is a developer’s tour and roadmap and dives into the latest Service Fabric capabilities, including containerized services, container orchestration including using Docker Compose, ASP.NET Core service support, integration with other Azure services and the latest developments in Visual Studio 2017 tooling, all sprinkled with customers scenarios.

Azure Compute: New features and roadmap

A can’t-miss session for everyone building in the cloud! We take a look at some of the newest features and upcoming capabilities in the Azure Compute platform. We show some new sizes, new experiences, and new integration technology available at //build or coming soon across VMs, Azure Service Fabric, Azure Container Service, Azure Functions, and more.

Visual Studio Mobile Center: Ship mobile apps faster

See how Mobile Center simplifies mobile development, bringing together all the cloud and mobile lifecycle services you need to deliver better apps in less time. We walk through the product—the next generation of Xamarin Test Cloud, HockeyApp, and Azure Mobile Engagement—showing you how to automatically build, test, distribute, and monitor apps and add backend cloud services to scale to millions of users. Across any mobile platform, now including UWP. During this session, learn how to automate your entire mobile development pipeline, from continuous build to continuous deployment…

Inside the Microsoft FPGA-based configurable cloud

Microsoft has been deploying FPGAs in every Azure server over the last several years, creating a cloud that can be reconfigured to optimize a diverse set of applications and functions. This configurable cloud provides more efficient execution than CPUs for many scenarios without the inflexibility of fixed-function ASICs at scale. Today, Microsoft is already using FPGAs for Bing search ranking, deep neural network (DNN) evaluation, and software defined networking (SDN) acceleration. …

Learn how ASOS built its ecommerce platform using microservices on Microsoft Azure and had…

Last year ASOS re-platformed their ecommerce suite on Azure PAAS, using a microservice approach. Doing so required them to adapt their engineering approach to allow 30+ teams work in parallel. In this session, they walk through the architecture and focus on the engineering approaches, practices, and tooling that allowed them to deliver.

Create a more collaborative workplace with Microsoft Stream: A new enterprise video…

Learn about the new Microsoft enterprise video solution – Microsoft Stream. Get a close look at the enterprise-grade service for employees to securely share videos with each other and across an entire organization. Check out the brand new capabilities from Microsoft Stream and Azure, and learn how you can use Azure and Azure Media Services to power secure video workloads that enable a more collaborative workforce.

How to migrate your databases to the cloud and future-proof your applications

Are you looking to move your application to the cloud, but not sure how to migrate your databases and analytics? Join this session to learn more about the best practices and recommendations to migrate your application data to Microsoft Azure. We discuss how to use the NEW Azure Database Migration Service and tools to assess, remediate, and migrate your on-premises databases to Azure. Our speakers will also be joined by Geoff Dalgas from StackOverflow who discusses their experience of migrating their StackOverflow Enterprise application from on-premises to Azure. In this session, we walk you through how to easily migrate your on-premises application with an emphasis on your database and analytics workload.

Design for serverless success on Microsoft Azure

Serverless compute is an emerging industry standard for event-driven, elastic-scale, cost-sensitive apps. Demystify design for Serverless apps in the world of Azure. Learn how to use building blocks like event triggers and bindings to create serverless apps with Azure Functions, orchestrate workflows with Logic Apps, and compose complete solutions across services from Azure and beyond. Leverage serverless best practices for resilience and performance. Empower your market delivery with a DevOps workflow that enables a robust and independent app lifecycle for high quality app updates.

Connected intelligent things with Windows IoT Core and Azure IoT

Come and learn how Microsoft is driving IoT innovation with both Microsoft Azure and Windows. From end-to-end security, to cloud-connected device provisioning and management, to data analytics and machine intelligence in the cloud and on the edge, we are simplifying the Internet of Things to empower you to do more. We show you how to do bulk provisioning of devices with Azure, how to run cloud intelligence and the Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit on your IoT device, and how you can easily manage your devices throughout their lifecycle.

Configure, control, and manage IoT devices from the cloud

Connecting devices and collecting their telemetry data in the cloud for analytics is only the beginning of all IoT solutions. From advanced features of Azure IoT Hub such as device twins, direct device methods, queries and jobs, to device management patterns and security best practices, learn how the platform makes it easy to configure, control, and manage your IoT devices at scale.

Build applications in Microsoft Azure to deploy to any Azure Stack cloud

Learn how to build and manage applications across Azure and Azure Stack. Take a look at the tools available and the DevOps processes you can implement.

Blockchain on Azure

Blockchain is a disruptive technology trend that enables a shared, authentic, decentralized ledger. It enables the fiercest of competitors to collaborate without trusting each other, establishing a shared view of a cross-organizational business process. This session covers patterns for creating, configuring, and querying blockchain-enabled smart contracts on Azure that leverage both “traditional” cloud middleware and a suite of new Azure capabilities to support blockchain development.

How to build in-app analytics with Azure Data Services, an Xbox case study

What are some of the largest games and apps doing to understand user behavior and deliver up to the minute insights for product and business planning? How are some applications using advanced analytics and machine learning to deliver ground-breaking experiences? Learn how games companies like Xbox Studios are using Azure services including SQL Data Warehouse, Analysis Services, and Microsoft Power BI to drive great in-game experiences and determine where to take their products. See how you can use these patterns to drive deeper engagement in your app and gain insights into user behavior.

Azure Container Service for your cloud native, data intensive, or modernization needs

Containers could change the world of IT. In this session we explore the hype and the facts. We demonstrate what Azure Container Service makes possible today using both Linux and Windows Server containers. We explore how our open strategy helps ensure that you can control your own destiny within the hype. Finally, we discuss strategies for cutting through the hype and making well-informed decisions about your container strategy.

Migrating your Oracle databases to cloud made easy

In this virtual session, you learn how to assess, remediate and migrate the schema, data, and server artifacts from on-premises Oracle instances to Azure SQL DB. We walk you through an end-to-end experience using Azure data migration tools and services to help solve your database migration needs.

Get my ASP.NET 4 app running in containers in Azure

Containers, containers, containers – I know I need to get going, but what can they do for my "old" ASP.NET MVC 4 application? And how can that help me get on a path to modern DevOps, cloud and easy maintenance?

The next generation of HockeyApp: Visual Studio Mobile Center

In this video, Ian previews the first step in our [transition plan]( using your existing HockeyApp apps inside Mobile Center. This will be initially limited to HockeyApp Preseason customers and will expand over the coming months to all HockeyApp customers.

Evolving SQL workloads from software to SaaS: Data for devs immersion

In this modern era; applications must recover from user errors efficiently, must be optimized for transactional performance, provide real-time insights into app transactions, must be secure and complaint, and support seamless integration to cloud, hybrid scenarios and other data types/systems. These applications must also learn and adapt to deliver more powerful experiences using cloud-based data services, applications, and intelligence. In this session we use a scenario-based hands-on lab program (immersion), to offer you a cohesive and consistent experience to build modern on-premises/cloud based applications with intelligence. Build hack-free, high performance, scalable applications using Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft ML and Azure data services.

Azure Cosmos DB: API for MongoDB

Azure Cosmos DB (formerly known as Azure DocumentDB) natively supports multiple APIs; one of which is the API for MongoDB. Use existing code, applications, drivers, and tools to work with Azure Cosmos DB. Benefit from the fully managed and scalable Azure database, while continuing to use familiar skills and tools for MongoDB. Come and watch this video to learn about the feature and how to migrate to this cosmic-scale database, Azure Cosmos DB.

Get to the cloud faster with Azure SQLDB Managed Instance and Database Migration Service

A new, expanded Azure SQL Database offers fully-managed server instance with greater compatibility with SQL Server application features and more, and the ability to move hundreds of databases at once using the Database Migration Service. It provides security isolation with Azure Virtual Network, along with built-in HADR, built-in intelligent performance tuning, and intelligent security services that are already available in Azure SQL Database. …

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