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Jeff Amels joins host Sarah Lean to discuss how you can model and estimate your cost savings over pay-as-you-go pricing by using the Azure Hybrid Benefit and reserved instances with a powerful new Power BI template. which is now available as part of the Strategy phase of the Cloud Adoption Framework.

[00:00] Introduction
[01:44] Could you explain this new Azure VM Cost Estimator?
[02:48] Could you show us how the Power BI Template works?
[03:48] Could you explain the differences between Reserved Instances, Hybrid Benefit, and Pay-as-you-go?
[04:47] How does a customer plug their own data into the Cost Estimator?
[08:24] What’s the process for estimating costs for non VMs?
[09:16] Where can people go to download the Cost Estimator?

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