NEW Azure Channel9 Post: It’s just SQL: Collations in Azure SQL Database Managed Instance | Data Exposed

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You’re probably familiar with Collations in SQL Server, but how do Collations change in Azure SQL Database Managed Instance?

In this video, Anna Thomas and Colin Murphy cover a brief overview of collations ( and how they’re different in Azure SQL Database Managed Instance.

  • [00:00] – Introduction
  • [00:29] – What is a collation?
  • [00:55] – Checking current collation in T-SQL and Azure Portal
  • [02:13] – How many collations are there and listing the available collations in T-SQL
  • [02:41] – Specifying a collation
  • [03:24] – Usecase for collations
  • [03:46] – Wrap-up

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