NEW Azure Channel9 Post: Implement serverless APIs with Azure Functions and Azure API Management | Azure Friday

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Jeff Hollan joins Scott Hanselman to show how you can quickly deploy and manage your Serverless API’s using OpenAPI and API Management.

[0:00:00]– Overview
[0:00:40]– OpenAPI definition (fka Swagger)
[0:02:15]– Using API Management to build an OpenAPI definition
[0:03:48]– Reviewing the generated OpenAPI definition in VS Code
[0:05:00]– Creating an Azure Functions project from an OpenAPI definition in VS Code
[0:08:18]– Using API Management as a reverse proxy
[0:10:23]– Setting policies in API Management
[0:11:42]– Using API Management to front an existing Azure API
[0:13:13]– Wrap-up

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