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 Azure Monitor is a technology used to collect telemetry data from your Azure and on-premises environments. You can use Azure Monitor to improve performance and support the stability of your applications by identifying issues quickly. Azure Monitor includes Azure Metrics and Azure Logs to store telemetry data and track data in real-time and for historical analysis.

Azure Metrics track values collected at regular intervals and can be used to describe the health of your resources at a particular point in time. Azure Metrics are lightweight and useful for creating dashboard KPIs, alerting, and fast detection of issues.

In part three of this seven-part Azure SQL VM series, we will use Azure metrics to identify the uncached and cached health of your virtual machine and disk resources. We will show how to find metrics at the VM scope, pin metrics to create a custom dashboard, how to manage alerts, and finally comparing cached and uncached metrics at the VM and disk levels.

[00:48] Tracking VM cached health
[02:55] Demo
[09:23] Getting started

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