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In the Channel 9 studios this week is the amazing Sasha Nosov, Principal PM on the SQL team. Sasha is on the Data Exposed show today to talk about how to do Disaster Recovery in Azure SQL Database using auto-failover groups.

Sasha was in the studio a while ago to talk about Azure SQL DB geo-replication, a feature that is quite popular. This session builds on his first session by discussing and showing additional disaster recovery capabilities in Azure SQL DB.

Sasha begins by discussing some of the limitations of geo-replication, including deciding when to manually fail over and manually changing the connection information to the failover database. To address those limitations, Sasha introduces a feature in Azure SQL DB called auto-failover groups, which he discusses at the [03:45] mark. He discusses how this features is implemented, the details how it works, and best practices around uses auto-failover groups. 

At [09:00] Sasha discusses the advanced scenario of how the auto-failover group works with databases in SQL DB Elastic Pools and the benefits of using these two features together. 

At [10:55] Sasha wraps up by highlighting and discuss the purpose of the secondary listener which allows you to use the capacity of the secondary for additional workloads, and covers the benefits and scenarios of using the secondary endpoint.

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