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Showcasing how you can build productive and intelligent solutions with Azure Cognitive Services. We’ll walk through a series of demos highlighting our Computer Vision, Form Recognizer and Custom Vision services.  

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[00:39] Here we showcase how the Cognitive Services are allowing businesses to be more productive and intelligent. Azure Cognitive Services are a suite of APIs that allow you to embed the ability to see, hear, speak, search, understand and accelerate decision making into your apps without requiring machine learning expertise

[01:10] The code for these demos are available on GitHub Here

[01:50] We demo the capabilities of our Form Recognizer service which builds on our OCR capabilities by providing the extracted text in a structured, intelligent format. You can extract key/value pairs as well as tables, forms and receipts without manually labelling by document type or the intensive coding and maintenance required when you build your own model.  

[03:25] In our last demo we how combining Form Recognizer with Custom Vision can help automate insurance claim processing. Our example solution uses Custom Vision to identify and categorize the damage to a vehicle from an image. We then use Form Recognizer to extract the customer’s responses to the insurance claim form into a structured format. Since Form Recognizer provides the key/value pairs instead of just raw, extracted text we can easily pass this structured data on to downstream business processing without the need to manually enter in the customer’s responses. We can now quickly verify if the image shows the damage being claimed by the customer. This demo highlights how combining multiple Cognitive Services together allows you to build powerful, productive solutions for your business without requiring deep machine learning expertise.

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