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Kunal Babre joins David Blank-Edelman to discuss the key principles of the Azure Well-Architected Operational Excellence pillar. Learn how to monitor systems and understand operational health and learn how to utilize the Well-Architected Review.


[00:00] Introduction
[00:55] I have questions about release management and monitoring. Can you help?
[01:55] Let’s think about Operational Excellence as a function
[02:15] Operational Excellence plotted as a graph
[06:08] What are the key principles of the Operational Excellence pillar?
[06:35] Optimize build and release processes
[07:45] Monitor system and understand operational health
[08:20] Use loosely-coupled architecture
[08:48] Rehearse recovery and practice failure
[09:24] Embrace continuous operational improvement
[09:55] How do I get started?
[10:11] Walkthrough of Well-Architected Assessments
[11:04] Advisor Score and recommendations
[12:00] Does finger-snapping work for everyone?

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